Keto Cheese Scones

This is one of the best recipes for Keto Cheese Scones. I modified it to give it the cheese scone and savory flavor I was craving. I can eat these guilt free with honey or a bit of blackberry jelly and enjoy the cheesy flavor, lightly crunchy texture and savory herbs.

The first time I made them this way was at our cabin since I didn’t have quite the right ingredients. We also are ‘off the grid’ so I didn’t have a microwave to melt the cheese. Here is the link to Our Cabin in the Woods, if you want to see more.

I will include a picture of my cabin creation, but now for the recipe and a few pictures.

Best Keto Cheese Scones, Keto Cheese Scones Recipe aka Almond Flour Cheese Scones

I made these again recently and here is another picture, yum!

Best Keto Cheese Scones, Keto Cheese Scones Recipe aka Almond Flour Cheese Scones

It is so easy to make and you can modify the ingredients if you don’t want as much of the herb/savory flavor or less cheese.

I also sometimes use more mozzarella, or other types of cheese depending what I have on hand.


Caution: Please check the ingredients for any allergies / food sensitivities, before trying this recipe.

1.5 cups Mozzarella Cheese, shredded​

1.5 cups Cheddar Cheese, shredded​

2 oz Cream Cheese, softened​

1.5 cups Almond Flour ​

1 T baking powder​

½ tsp salt​

2 large eggs​

2 T sunflower seeds (optional)​

1 tsp Herbes de Provence​

1 tsp Basil​

½ tsp garlic​


Preheat oven 400 degrees​

Soften cream cheese in microwave for 25 seconds​

Mix all dry ingredients & cheeses​

Add eggs and cream cheese​

Mix until well combined only​

Divide into 6 portions and gently spoon out into hand and form a ball, without pressing too much​

Place on parchment paper and pat once​

Bake for 12-15 min until top is golden brown​

Keto Cheese Scones - mixing

After mixing and shaping into a ball:

Keto Cheese Scones - in the oven

After a few minutes they will look like these! I have included the final pictures and the recipe card below.

Keto Cheese Scones Recipe - All done

I had to display these with my lovely Finnish bird!

Keto Cheese Scones in a basket

Again, another recent picture:

Best Keto Cheese Scones, Keto Cheese Scones Recipe aka Almond Flour Cheese Scones
Best Keto Cheese Scones, Keto Cheese Scones Recipe aka Almond Flour Cheese Scones

Recipe card:

To print, just right click on recipe card image, select Open image in New Tab, then go to your new tab in your browser and select Print from your menu. This should print the card in 4X6 format.

Keto Cheese Scones Recipe

Here is the almond flour and Herbes de Provence spice I used for this recipe. Click on the Image to view product on Amazon.

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Cabin version of this recipe:

Here is my cabin version, pardon the baking tray. I didn’t have a way to soften the cream cheese, so I just mixed it in! I also don’t have an oven at our cabin so I cooked these on the top rack of the bar-b-Q! It worked amazingly well!

Keto Cheese Scones - Cabin version

I hope you enjoy this recipe and modify it to suit your needs.

Modified version – one more time 🙂

I recently tried the recipe without using any cream cheese…instead I substituted 3 T of milk for the cream cheese. This is how they turned out!

Keto Cheese Scones being served

They had a bit more of a dry texture which was great for toasting and less cream cheesy flavor. This recipe is so easy to modify I don’t think you can go wrong whatever you try!

Please follow me and I hope you come back to check out my other pages and recipes! And feel free to leave a comment if you like this recipe.

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I hope you enjoy this recipe for my Best Keto Cheese Scones!

🙂 Bonnie