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Below are some of my favourite photos from my personal collection. I will keep adding to this gallery over time.

The photos in this Gallery are from my personal photographs and are copyright of everythingcountryCA. Please see contact page to request permission to use.

Country Fence Gate – Definitely don’t leave the gate open!
Old Heritage Farm on the road from Regina to our home farm in South East Saskatchewan
In front of an Antique store in Saskatchewan.
Country fence not far from our family farm.
Heritage farm house not far from our family’s home farm.
Back road off the main back road to our cabin on Vancouver Island…lovin’ the fall colours.

Cemetary Road, where I’ll be some day. All my ancestors in Canada are there waiting.
Ant hill near the cemetary. Had to take a picture.
This is the heritage farm house on the neighbouring farm. Went back in 2012 with my son for a high school reunion and we had to go and take a look….

Close up of the old farm house.

A heritage homestead not far from home in Saskatchewan

A lake on Vancouver Island

The old summer kitchen on the family farm.
A closeup of a Finnish homestead in Saskatchewan…so beautiful

Country church in Saskatchewan

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