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Hey there! On the following pages I am going to blather on a bit about my growing up experiences and memories on the farm. This is definitely helps me create a bit of a memory book for me and my family, as well as it might provide some useful tips and hints for you. I don’t claim to be an expert at farming or other technical aspects of Country Living. Although I did learn a thing or two growing up on a farm in the south east Saskatchewan 🙂 Maybe I should have called this Old Fashioned Country Living, because to me that’s what it is. But it’s coming back in style!

Country Know-How

My first entry is about Country Know-How where I talk about everything from soup to nuts literally! Check it out!

Old fashioned Country Living included making your own butter and using this butter mold

Country Social!

Country Life wouldn’t be the same without Country Social!! Yep, that was one of the best parts about growing up in the country:) You had automatic friends in your neighbors and families who you relied upon in so many ways!

Country Living - Community - Old picture from a church picnic in the country

Good food and Country Recipes!

Also as a part of this site, I have been adding many of my home cooking/country style recipes that you might enjoy. I would say Country Style cooking is the best, as it pairs fresh ingredients with flavour and color that makes the whole experience of eating with family in the back yard on a hot day or out in the field during harvest so memorable!

Country Living meant lots of good food and enjoying eating outside

Above picture, was me with my uncle, cousin, and brother (me on the right). After a hard day’s work, food tastes so much better served with fresh air, fresh coffee and accompaniments such as bread/cheese scones and butter pickles!

Old Fashioned Country Living Recipes

Check out my country living recipes and home cooking on my Recipes pages 🙂 I will continue adding more of my favorites, old classics and a few new ones 🙂


Collecting is a past time that many Country folk enjoy. Attending Saturday auctions at a nearby farm or in town is a lot of fun and you never know what you might find. I always remember my Grandpa taking me to an auction at a farm about 20 miles away. He saw I had my eye on a wooden box (pictured below) and he surprised me by buying it for me. I still have it and it is one of my favorite memories of him. See my post on collecting: Collecting and Thrifting for Pleasure.

Old fashioned Country Living - Antiques and Collecting

Check out my Collectibles page and my page on Guides and Books for Collecting tips on various topics.

Country Living Off-the-Grid

Part of my growing up on the farm was learning to live without amenities. We didn’t have running water for several years, so the farm well and handpump were our only source of water. If you have ever wondered how people live off the grid, this might interest you. Here I provide an overview of our cabin setup as we have no electricity, community water or sewer. It’s taken us a bit of time to get our setup to where we like it. Come and visit our cabin and see what I am talking about, at Country Living Off The Grid.

Old fashioned Country Living off the grid

It’s a Country Thanksgiving!

Some of my best memories are the family gatherings and the autumn leaves and Chinook breezes in the fall. I also have some ideas for Thanksgiving/Fall decor and a few memories to share.

Old Fashioned Country Living -Thanksgiving

Country Flowers

Country Living has to include enjoyment of the beautiful flowers in a country garden. My latest page, Country Flowers, shows you some of my favorite flowers, everlastings and flower photography I have taken over the years. I am an amateur photographer for sure, but they turned out pretty well 🙂 I also captured videos of a bird’s nest amongst our flowers and the babies after they hatched. Check it out!

Old Fashioned Country Living Flowers

It’s a Country Christmas!

My latest entry in this section, It’s a Country Christmas! provides you some of our family Christmas traditions. Many of these are the very same as when I grew up on the farm 🙂 That includes a good country style Turkey Dinner served buffet style:)

Old Fashioned Country Living - Old fashioned Christmas

Country Photo Gallery

Some of my photos I have taken over the years from my personal collection in Gallery.

Hope you enjoy these pages on Country Living!

🙂 Bonnie