Prawn and Fish Ceviche

This is the best Prawn and Fish Ceviche recipe and it is both delicious and healthy. It combines both a Mexican flavor, as well as the Peruvian style of Ceviche. It has the perfect level of spicy tang and lime. Recipe card available below.

Allergy Alert! This recipe contains shellfish and other ingredients that may trigger allergies. Please confirm your dietary needs prior to using this recipe.

Best Prawn and Fish Ceviche aka Prawn Ceviche Recipe or Fish Ceviche Recipe
Prawn and Fish Ceviche

I was having another craving (!) and seafood ceviche is one of my favorite restaurant appetizers. Usually I would go to an authentic Mexican restaurant or Tapas bar where they serve authentic Ceviche.

However, due to our current restrictions I haven’t gotten out much and the restaurants I would go to for specialty items just don’t deliver to our area.

As usual, I like to experiment a bit, and research a number of recipes to come up with my own that has the best of a few flavors. This one combines both a Mexican flavor as well as the Peruvian style of Ceviche. I am calling this Country Ceviche as it combines the flavors of multiple countries 🙂

I also wanted both fish and prawns, so I chose fresh sole at our local grocer and frozen cooked prawns, deveined, tail off. Since I wasn’t serving the ceviche for a couple days, I popped the sole in the freezer as well, so it would be safe to use. Really any combination of a white fish and prawns would likely work.

Sorry I didn’t capture detailed pictures, but I will definitely include them next time I make it.

Here is the recipe and resulting photos, as well as the recipe card. Hope you enjoy!


Caution: Please check the ingredients for any allergies / food sensitivities, before trying this recipe.

2 small fillets of sole, or similar fish​

1 lb. of cooked prawns, peeled and  deveined, tail off​

6 limes (juice)​

2 minced garlic cloves​

½ tsp salt and ¼ tsp pepper​

1/3 finely sliced red onion​

1 finely chopped jalapeno pepper​

2 diced Roma tomatoes (remove seeds)​

½ diced cucumber​

2 T Chopped Cilantro​

1 diced avocado (not too ripe)​

1 tsp sriracha sauce​

2 T Worcestershire sauce​

½ cup Clamato juice​


(For milder Ceviche, use half jalapeno, chili sauce and Worcestershire).​

Cut sole in small pieces, roughly ½ in square.​

Place sole in a small shallow dish with juice of 3 limes, enough to cover sole.  Ensure covered to ‘cook’ the fish for at least 4 hours. Some sites online recommend less time, but to be sure, and as it was my first time making this, I marinated the fish for the full 4 hours.​ (The size of the dish makes a difference as to how much lime juice you need to cover the fish).

Note: If you are using raw prawns, you could add all the lime juice and the prawns in with the fish for the original 4 hours, but just make sure the fish and prawns are fully covered.

At least 1-2 hours before serving, transfer the sole to a larger covered dish and add the juice of remaining limes, garlic, salt, pepper, red onion, jalapeno and cooked prawns (also cut in small pieces same size).  ​

Also, add Worcestershire, sriracha sauce and ½ cup clamato juice. Stir and cover in fridge.​

In separate bowl get chopped cilantro, tomato and cucumber ready, cover and chill.​

To serve, gently toss vegetables and avocado in with fish and prawns.​

Serve with romaine lettuce for keto option or your favorite tortilla chips or crackers. ​

Refrigerate leftovers, recommend eating by next day. ​

Prawn and Fish Ceviche aka Prawn Ceviche Recipe or Fish Ceviche Recipe served in a bowl
Prawn and Fish Ceviche

Recipe Card for Prawn and Fish Ceviche:

Here is the recipe card for this Best Prawn and Fish Ceviche recipe. To print the card, right click on the image and select open in a new tab. Then go to your print menu and select print % to make it print on the desired size page or card.

Prawn and Fish Ceviche aka Prawn Ceviche Recipe or Fish Ceviche Recipe

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I hope you enjoy this Prawn and Fish Ceviche Recipe as much as I do. Please leave me a comment if you have any suggestions or comments.

Bonnie 🙂