Vintage Books

Scroll down to view the vintage books in our inventory for monthly rental. All rates shown are monthly rental rates.

We have 100+ antiquarian books in our inventory in reds, browns, blues and greens. If you would like to rent a stack of books in a specific color, please send us an inquiry.

All quoted prices are monthly rental rates in CAD$. Reminder: Damage/Security Deposit is 2 X monthly rental amount. (Fully refundable if item is returned undamaged at end of rental period.)

#B001 – Antiquarian Blue Books seen here

Monthly rental – $3 each

#B002 – Antiquarian Green Books seen here

Monthly Rental – $3 each

#B003 – Antiquarian Red Books seen here (full-size books)

Monthly Rental – $3/each

#B003 – continued

Monthly Rental – $3/each

#B004 – Vintage Miniature Books seen here

Monthly Rental – $3/each

#B005 – Vintage Shakespeare

Monthly Rental – $3/each

#B006 – Vintage Nancy Drew/Bobbsey Twins

Monthly Rental – $2/each

#B007 – Large Blue Girl’s Own Annual (other items in Specialty)

Monthly Rental – $5

If you don’t see what you need, or you need more than one, please inquire as we are adding to our inventory.

If you are interested in renting any of the above items, please see the Vintage and Antique Rentals! with next steps.

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