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Americana Country Style

If you have ever wondered what Americana Country Style is, you may want to read this. For many years, I didn’t even know what the term Americana meant. And only recently heard the term being used for a genre of music.

Back to My Roots!

It’s funny when something is so close to your roots and then a label is put on it and you didn’t even know about it. Yes, I was a bit sheltered growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan. Turns out I have been listening to Americana country music my whole life! I grew up on Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson, among others. No wonder I love listening to Willie Nelson, Toby Keith and Cody Jinks! The Highwaymen was almost too much (I was in heaven) the first time I heard them. OMG. I have been so impressed by the women in Americana Country Music too. Okay back to the style aspect…

Americana Country Style aka Americana - examples of what is americana

What is Americana? To me Americana is anything that reminds me of Farm and Cowboy with a bit of work / function thrown in. It usually has a masculine slant, reminding me of my dad working away on the farm. Some of my past collectible displays have been a bit focused on Americana style artifacts from my family and on the farm, and others I have collected over the years. These items always give me a homey feeling like they belong together and remind me of earlier days when life was simple. Expensive clothing and labels had little meaning back then. But hard work and putting in a long day meant everything.

Americana and Farmhouse Displays

I have put together some of my past displays in this post that to me represent more of an Americana style. Hope you enjoy them!

Americana Country Style - old lanterns - examples of americana style

That horseshoe below I found on a past visit to our abandoned farm. Everything else in this picture below is a family heirloom.

Americana Country Style - Farmhouse Decor

When I look at these cigarette and tobacco tins, I can almost smell the tobacco. The memories of my dad and my grandpa smoking are so vivid.

Americana Country Style - Cigarettes and Pipes - examples of americana culture

Can’t you imagine a campfire with a strong pot of coffee brewing?

Americana Country Style - Campfire kitchenware

Some of the tools below are from our farm.

Americana Country Style - old farm tools - examples of what is americana
Americana Country Style - wood and farm insulators

Americana Country Style – A Common Theme

You are probably noticing a common theme here, earthy tones, farm tools, brown and wood items and historical pieces, such as insulators, lanterns and old cookware, like they might have used around a campfire.

Americana Country Style - vintage maps and binoculars

My grandmother’s old guitar shaped cutting board. She gave it to me for my ‘hope’ chest when I was 16!

Americana Country Style - Red Vintage

There is something raw and true about Americana. It isn’t phony but has a purpose, gets the job done and lasts forever!

I had always wanted an old washstand. So not long after my hubby and I were married, we bought this one. I have been enjoying it for years and it brings back lots of memories.

Americana Country Style with farm and kitchen tools on an antique washstand

If you are like me, you probably have been listening to music in Americana music genre and didn’t even know it. Those old items you treasure are probably full of history and may even be Americana Country Style.

There is a growing appreciation and trend towards americana culture. Fashion trends have made dressing like a cowboy or farmer more respectable and even fashionable. Cowboy boots, blue jeans, farmer hats, never really went out of style for back to basics folks that don’t need to follow the trends. Others are now claiming that style, but when the trend fades, it will still remain for those honest hard-working folks that epitomize what Americana means.

I hope you enjoyed this post. You might like to view my other Collectible pages or Country Recipes. I also have an Americana Playlist on Youtube, link available from my Country Links menu above. If you enjoyed this post on Americana Country Style, please leave me a comment below.

🙂 Bonnie