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Mother’s Day Thoughts and Poem

Here are My Mother’s Day Thoughts and Poem, as we approach Mother’s Day this weekend. Being a Mother has been one of the most important roles in my life and one of the most challenging. You don’t get an instruction manual with children and they are all different. Thankfully our own children are all on their way, each with their own chosen path, utilizing their gifts and strengths and passions. That is all we can ask for isn’t it?

Mother's Day Plate, Doily, Teacup and Porcelain Flower Posie

I look back at growing up on the farm and know how my own mother must have both struggled and had times of great joy and pride. As a farm wife, she had the unique role of both a full-time mother and also a farmer/farmer’s wife at the same time.  Many farm wives also hold full or part-time jobs outside the farm to help keep the farm going. She had all of the work of running the household, cooking all the meals, washing all the clothes, baking, canning, gardening and doing everything she could to save money by growing her own food and baking bread, milking the cow, etc. On top of that, she still had to support our dad as he worked the fields, tended the cattle and pigs. She was a defacto farm hand, chipping in wherever needed, with daily chores and even more at harvest season. Long days were the norm and they both worked so hard with sometimes little to show for their efforts except the satisfaction of a hard day’s work and family ties that bind.

Caregiver to all

I know that our Mother was a determined caregiver, as she helped look after her own ailing father.  She also lost her own mother at a relatively early age.  Oh the pain mothers go through, worrying and caring for their own children and also being the caregiver to their parents.

I recently had the same experience as our Mother starting having symptoms of Dementia in her mid 70’s.  We lost her to pancreatitus just as she turned 80 years old.  A terrible time for all of us to lose the matriarch of the family, the glue, the confidant and the shining example of female strength and leadership.  She was a nurse for many years as well as a foster parent before that, and a farmer’s wife before that.  Each role she took on with passion and grace.

I hope each of you take the time to think about your own mother, whether she is still with you or not, and know that she did the best she could.  I know she also loved all her children even if she might not have said those words as much as she could have. She had a lot on her plate. She did her best. Give her that hug she deserves, while you can.

Mother’s Day Plate and Poem

This Mother’s plate has the well known Mother’s poem from an unknown author.

Mother's Day Plate with Poem

To one who bears the sweetest name

And adds a luster to the same

Who shares my joys

Who cheers when sad

The greatest friend I ever had

Long life to her for there’s no other

Can take the place of my Dear Mother.

– Author unknown

Mother’s Day Printable Coloring Cards

I will be adding shortly a couple of printable coloring cards which can be used to give on Mother’s Day. Check back and go to my page on Free Country Artwork Downloadables to choose a Mother’s Day card to download or print from a few selections.

Thank you Mom for all your sacrifices and love. I hope you enjoyed this Mother’s Day Thoughts and Poem. Leave me a comment on how you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day.

🙂 Bonnie