My Country Guest Room

Hey there! Glad you stopped in! I want to show you pictures of my country guest room. We are currently staging our house for sale, and I wanted the guest room to remain as similar as possible to its original state. So I focused on tidying it up and adding some fresh country romance. You might find some ideas for your guest room. Or perhaps you have a country bed and breakfast or an airbnb and you want to give a country theme to the room.

My Country Guest Room and Guest Room decor for a room in the country

Did someone say mute?

The muted tones and serving tray add a bit of country mystique, don’t ya think? I love the greys and the beiges together, with the white. Throw in a muted grey and goldy brown Belgian Fouta throw! I think I would be happy if I had to stay in this country guest room!

Country Guest Room and Guest Room decor for a room in the country

The bed frame is your standard metal frame, but we had bought a wrought iron headboard years ago. I always wanted one of these and love the way it looks.

I layered that with Battenburg Lace white duvet covers, and pillow shams. As well, the bedding is from Barbara Barry in Poetical grey with blanket and pillow shams.

The side tables are new, ordered online from Convenience Concepts (see link below).

The lamps are fairly standard metallic silver lamps. But, I think as far as guest room decor goes, as long as everything follows a theme, you can pretty much incorporate new and old together. For example my country themed oil painting that I found at a local thrift store a few years back, adds a nice country touch and also brings the colors of the room together.

Country Guest Room and Guest Room decor for a room in the country

Never enough doilies and lace!

Do you like doilies and lace? I have always had a passion for these and look for them when I am thrifting or going to craft fairs. I have added doilies, more dried flowers, a silver tray and lace to give it a country look.

The chair needed a luxurious throw to give it that special updated look. I found a gorgeous Belgian linen fouta throw from a local decor shop.

Country Guest Room and Guest Room decor for a room in the country

The watercolor artwork on the wall above was painted by my late Uncle. I thought it fit in well.

Years ago, I picked up the wicker chair at a local garage sale. I believe it is circa 1950.

A lovely oak dresser!

On the dresser/armoire above (which belonged to my mother), I have added a ceramic pitcher and basin that I have had for years, another garage sale bargain. I also added another Battenburg lace runner on top.

Country Guest Room and Guest Room decor for a room in the country

On the nightstand I have added doilies, a candle in a tea cup saucer and a vintage Avon figurine of a Victorian lady adorns the night stand.

Country Guest Room and Guest Room decor for a room in the country

I love farmhouse trays!

A farmhouse tray is so simple yet elegant. It only made sense to add a Battenberg lace placemat, napkin, a tea service and dried flowers for some romance. More country guest room decor is simple and easy to add, and not that expensive.

I love dried flowers, can you tell?

Both of the two original oil paintings on the wall I picked up a few years back at a garage sale. I still like going to thrift stores and garage sales. You never know what you will find!

I think the room is cozy and comfy and I would be happy if I was a visitor! Hmm… Maybe I should open a Bed and Breakfast?

Country Guest Room and Guest Room decor for a room in the country

I hope you like it! Leave me comments below.

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Some Decor Ideas for your Country Guest Room:

Amazon has some similar items for sale, pictured below. Check them out and see if you like them. I tried to find similar products for you that might help you achieve a similar look.

Some of these links may be affiliate links and I may earn a small commission off of the sale of these products, but the price you are charged is not affected.

The Barbara Barry Grey Duvet set is called Poetical and is very hard to find. I think it is discontinued.

However, I have added another set by Barbara Barry which has a Lacy/Grey theme and a couple other options for you.

An alternative to the Belgian Linen Fouta I have, would be one of these, a Turkish linen fouta. They are just gorgeous and so versatile:

I hope you like these and they give you some ideas!

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I hope you liked this post on my Country Guest Room.

🙂 Bonnie

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