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Country Music Travel Destinations

If you love country music as much as I do, you will want to check out my latest page of destinations across Canada for listening to live country music! Here is my link to over 75, yes 75 Country Music Venues Across Canada, which provides a list of hot spots and country music travel destinations for your enjoyment.

I have been wanting to do a another cross country road trip for awhile. The last cross Canada trip I took was a very long time ago. When I was 23, I drove from Saskatchewan to Vancouver, and stayed with my mom for a month, and then drove out to Ottawa (again on my own) to start a new job. Vancouver to Ottawa in 5 days! If you have done that trip, you know it’s a long one.

Across Canada scenery

I still can’t believe I did that. That was 1987! (ooops I am telling my age!) Anyway, it would have been nice to know some good hangouts for listening to country music.

In 1990 I moved to Charlottetown, PEI for a year, again work related, but I had made several trips back and forth driving between Ottawa and PEI before that. A 16 hour drive for sure each time, and at that point they didn’t have the fixed link!! There were a couple of nights spent at the ferry terminal 🙂

My days for adventure are a little less unplanned. I definitely won’t be sleeping in my car again any time soon! However, there is no better way to appreciate the expansiveness and diversity of Canada, than to visit each province if possible.

Banner Announcement for Country Music Calendar

Anyway, back to my new page. I am excited about this because I have been following country artists now on my twitter account for the last 2 years. See my Country Music Calendar page for online live events. I see where they are performing live regularly. So, my recommendations to you are not off the cuff, they are real venues with real performers, local and big, depending on the date. Many of these places do focus on country music, and others host a variety of genres.

I hope you enjoy my take on Country Music travel destinations: Country Music Venues Across Canada. (Link to the page and all the good stuff!)

🙂 Bonnie