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Huge Antique Thrift Haul

Hey everyone, I have been a little busy this last month, but am excited to show you my huge antique thrift haul from my trip home to the Prairies! Firstly I had such a great visit out there for a community event, a real church picnic with live music and lots of fantastic food, visiting old neighbors, lots of cousins and friends. That was followed by a good old church service Sunday morning and country buffet lunch…OMG, so much good food and the memories that all brought back.

Huge Antique Thrift Haul
Thrifting Canada
Thrift with Me
Huge Antique Haul
Huge Thrift Haul
Thrift with me Canada
Vintage Antique Haul

Here are a few photos from my trip and if you want to see my huge antique thrift haul, then go to the link below to watch my YouTube video of my haul.

YouTube Video of my Antique Thrift Haul

The Qu’Appelle Valley runs west to east in Southern Saskatchewan and has some of the most beautiful views and landscapes.

I had to spend some time visiting the old farm neighborhood and taking pictures of some of the last remaining remnants of the past, families that came from Finland in the early 1900’s.

A Good Old Country Church Buffet!!!

One of the best parts of my trip was enjoying the church picnic and country buffet. I had forgot about all the varieties of salads that the ladies would bring, OMG!!! Macaroni salads, jellied salads, potato salads, pickled herring, cold cuts, homemade sausage, veggies, spinach dip and beans! Yummmm!!

You know I love enamelware, teacups and doilies! Well I was able to find quite a few special items that will add to my displays and I had to be sure I could fit them in my suitcase. Well actually I bought an extra one to bring back everything 🙂 Below is one of the few remaining antique stores in that part of the country, southeast Saskatchewan. I found a really nice condition Sad Iron trivet here.

antique store in south east saskatchewan

For all the details on my thrift haul, see the video below:

Going home this trip was especially meaningful as I was able to enjoy the scenery, the company and the food. I was going home for a happy occasion and could truly relax and visit, and enjoy all the touring and seeing family as well as friends from the past. And so fun that I was able to fit in several thrifting and antiquing stops along the way!

I hope you enjoy this post on my Huge Antique Thrift Haul and video and don’t forget to come back again! You can also see my next vintage and antique hauls on my Youtube channel or the link here: Another Vintage and Antique Thrift Haul!

🙂 Bonnie