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Turkey Day is Coming!

It’s almost here, Turkey Day is coming! It truly is just around the corner. I just had to get going on my Thanksgiving pages, and thought I would include some memories and traditions from growing up on the farm. As well, I have included some updated decor ideas for your Thanksgiving and Harvest tables at the link below.

It’s a Country Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day is Coming - Traditional Turkey Stuffing in a Well cooked turkey and simple steps for cooking a turkey, including Best Turkey Stuffing

If you have never made Turkey Stuffing before, here is my Turkey Stuffing recipe. My turkey stuffing usually gets gets praises and requests for second helpings:

Country Turkey Stuffing (with Recipe Card)

As well, for the complete first-timer, I have detailed instructions! Yes, detailed! I provide step by step instructions, and you will find it isn’t that difficult. Just be prepared to get your hands a bit dirty! So there is no excuse, you can do it! After making Turkey Stuffing for 30 years now I feel like I have it down to a science. Your stuffing will turn out great too, just don’t be afraid to use lots of poultry seasoning as I mention on my recipe page for Country Turkey Stuffing.

Country Turkey Dinner

For more info on a traditional farm / country turkey dinner, including step- by-step instructions on how to cook a turkey, follow this link: Country Turkey Dinner

We really enjoy our thanksgiving dinner, but it doesn’t need to have fancy ingredients or concoctions. It really is pretty basic, with good food and good company!

Turkey Day is coming! - example table setting

Have fun and enjoy your Thanksgiving / Turkey Day with family and friends! Don’t forget to check out the links provided. Hope you enjoy this post and links on Turkey Day is coming!

🙂 Bonnie