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Vintage Pink Christmas Decor

It’s a very Pink Christmas at our house with my Vintage Pink Christmas Decor in the front hallway! I wanted to do something different this year and Vintage Pink Christmas decor is really trending right now! You guessed it, I think Barbie had something to do with that 🙂

Vintage Pink Christmas Decor
Vintage Pink Spode Tower
Vintage Spode China
Vintage Pink Transferware

YouTube video of this display:

For the full video of this Pink Christmas Decor Display, go to the following link:

Pink Christmas Decor Video

This is Part 2 of my Christmas Decorating Home Tour and I was getting into all the pink lovely decorations.

Pink and White Decorations

As well I decided I would combine Pink Spode Tower China with Pink Depression Glass!

Pink Depression Glass with Pink Spode Tower

I have been collecting Spode Tower China for awhile in Pink ( or Red) whichever you prefer to call it. I finally found some teapots! One was from a local consignment store, the large one, and I only paid $55 CAD for it! This is worth over $150 CAD and it is in perfect condition 🙂 I also found this large Spode Tower platter for $55 at a local consignment store. Again, this would sell for around $100 CAD online. I was very lucky. I went back several times to see if the consignor was going to bring in anything else!

Pink Spode Tower Platter

and the Spode Tower Mark below:

Pink Spode Tower Mark

I was able to find another small teapot, along with the cream and sugar to help complete my collection.

Pink Spode Tower Small Teapot Creamer and Sugar
Pink Spode Tower Mark

Finding Pink Christmas decorations was a bit challenging. I had to go to several stores and only Walmart seemed to have a selection of Pink sparkly decor for Christmas. Other stores had some individual bulbs, but they were just too expensive.

I also was lucky and on a hunch went to a thrift store I hadn’t been to in awhile. They had miniature bulbs in Pink!! I got 12 for $2 CAD so I was very happy and able to use them on those white miniature Christmas trees! Love it!

Pink Masons Manchu Soup Tureen

Here is the mark for the Masons Manchu Soup Tureen.

Mason's Manchu Soup Tureen in Pink Transferware

It’s lovely to be able to add all those sparkly pink decorations with the white little Christmas trees, pink elves, and pink flower arrangements.

Pink Nutcracker from Walmart

Here is my washstand with some Pink Christmas Decor!

Pink Christmas Decor for my Washstand

Hope you love this display as much as I do. It is definitely bringing some joy into the house.

If you like this display, you may want to visit my previous post on my Merry Christmas Thrift Haul. Hope you enjoyed all the Pink Christmas Decor! Have a very Pink Christmas this year!

🙂 Bonnie