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Vintage Farmhouse Hutch Display

By now, I hope you have seen my other hutch displays in my White Farmhouse Hutch and my Welsh Dresser 🙂 This vintage Farmhouse Hutch Display is a little different, because I decided to do three different colors, blue, white and green!

Antique Farmhouse Hutch Display - Vintage Farmhouse Hutch
Vintage Farmhouse Hutch Display - with three shelves done up in different themed vintage collectibles - antique farmhouse hutch

My collection of porcelain china and farmhouse decor is growing and it only makes sense to display different pieces together to create new displays and lovely vignettes. I decided to create a blue shelf, a white shelf and a green shelf on the top and the bottom.

The Blue Shelf

For the blue shelf, I brought together my Limoges plates and candy dish and trinket box. The gold trim is so gorgeous. Along with blue and gilded gold bound vintage books, it looks lovely. The tall blue candy dish fits well. I did add some blue willow to the top shelf, because I just couldn’t resist.

antique farmhouse hutch
Vintage Farmhouse Hutch - Antique Farmhouse Hutch Display - Limoges

The White Shelf

For the white shelf, I combined my white vintage ironstone. It looks so peaceful. White vintage ironstone displays usually include cake platters, soup tureens, pitchers and creamers, milk glass and of course chickens! If you like white ironstone, don’t forget to look at my vintage white ironstone display, link here: Antique Vintage White and Ironstone.

antique farmhouse hutch

The Green Shelf – top and bottom

For the top shelf, I combined some farmhouse decor items, with white, green kitchenware and stoneware, as well as wood. The white hydrangeas set it off in the large white pitcher. I have been slowly adding to my green vintage kitchenware. You might want to view my post on green vintage here: Green Saint Patrick’s Day Vintage Display.

Vintage Farmhouse Hutch top shelf

The bottom shelf is lovely too with the white and green vintage scales, a stack of sandwich dainty plates and my mom’s old green needlepoint recipe book.

antique farmhouse hutch

Altogether they create a vision of loveliness.

antique farmhouse hutch
Vintage Farmhouse Hutch - Antique Farmhouse hutch shelves
Vintage Farmhouse Hutch - Antique Farmhouse Hutch Display

And finally the full display

My white farmhouse hutch has been so versatile. If you like displaying farmhouse decor, I think it is one of the best finds.

Vintage Farmhouse Hutch - Antique Farmhouse Hutch Display with all the antiques and vintage items

YouTube video for this display

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Hope you liked this Vintage Farmhouse Hutch Display. Come back and visit soon! Don’t forget to leave me a comment below if you like it.

🙂 Bonnie