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Country Living is the Best!

Yes, I said it, Country Living is the Best! I have been wanting to start blogging about growing up on a farm, and some of my experiences. I just finished creating a new menu category called Country Living.

Everyone knows that Country Living provides a healthier lifestyle, fresh air, good wholesome foods and lots of activity. Folks who live in the country seem to be more in tune with nature and have a balanced life style with family and work. The balance part is difficult though, as most farmers work long days and no day is a holiday. But in the end the hard work is part of the life style and its difficult to separate the two.

The picture above is from when we first moved to Saskatchewan to take over my Grandparents’ farm. It was an exciting time for all of us. My dad was so happy to be back farming and in the area they both grew up. Both of my parents had close family nearby again and they had bought my mom’s home farm.

The first page of this section is about Country Know-How based on my own experiences and what I saw around me! Anyone who grows up on a farm will laugh at this page, but for others it might be an eye opener!

Everything about Country Living is truly awesome! I hope by the time I finish adding a few sub pages you will be convinced of my claim.

August 18th, 2021 update: I have recently added a few more pages:

Country Social!, Country Collecting, and Country Living Off The Grid.

August 29th, 2021 – I added another page with some memories from the past and decor ideas: It’s a Country Thanksgiving!

In October, 2021, I added another new page for my flower photography called: Country Flowers.

And finally, in November, 2021, I have also added a new page for: It’s a Country Christmas!

Hope you enjoy as always.

🙂 Bonnie

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