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My Country Collectibles

Hey there! As we have been unpacking, it is so hard not to get distracted from working on this website! I love sharing my country themed items and one of the pages I was looking forward to setting up was my Collectibles page. Yes, that was the link!

I have now started posting photos of my collectibles to it. Here is a sample of what you will find there:

This is where I will share some of my collectibles I ‘saved’ from the farm over the years from my visits home, or given to me over the years from various family members, as well as my recent and past purchases for my various collections.

It wasn’t until I started amalgamating all my stuff from this move that I realized how many collectibles I had. They used to be in every nook and cranny around our house and in the garage, storage room and in the attic! LOL! I think I am a hoarder by nature. Ok let’s call me a somewhat organized hoarder!

I hope you enjoy my country collectibles and please send me questions/comments if you have any.

Update July 27, 2021:

I recently added another page containing Collectable Guides/Books you might enjoy depending on what you like to collect. Check it out: Country Collecting – Guides and Books.

🙂 Bonnie