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Our Cabin in the Woods

Nothing feels more like country than being at our cabin in the woods. It is completely off the grid on almost 3 acres of forest. It truly is our little slice of heaven with lakefront and a small beach down by the dock. We were fortunate to buy the cabin in 2002, and have mostly used it during the summer time, although I wish I could be out there more.

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Our Cabin in the Woods on Vancouver Island - Cottage Core - Lakefront Cabin

Now that I am retired I am sure we will have a few projects to work on and can spend more time there with family. I am always amazed at the simplistic architecture that has stood the test of time. The previous owner was a shipwright and he did do things right. The floor feels solid and the structure itself is in pretty good condition, considering the cabin was built in the 70’s.

We have made a few changes inside, but tried to keep the rustic charm alive. I hope you enjoy the photos! I will post in the future about some of the detailed setup at our cabin. (Update: See Country Living Off The Grid for more details on our cabin water, electricity and amenities.) 😉

Photos from Summer 2020 (2021 after that):

Our fur babies are usually with us, and seem to enjoy the lazy days. I know where I will be this summer!

Our Cabin in the Woods – 2021 Photos:

We recently had to take down some trees that were hanging over the cabin, as well as leaners. This really opened up the light on the deck and hopefully will mean less moss on the cabin in the future. This is the view towards our water tower, with a few trees gone now.

Looking towards the cabin from the side:

The Road

The road going into the cabin is quite windy, hilly and narrow. Reminds me of the roads in Saskatchewan with the grass growing in the middle of the road.

There is nothing better than relaxing on the deck or by the beach.

Our view to the South is opened up a bit after we took out some leaners.

I have always got my summer reads ready for the cabin!

Cottage Core - Books and Wine

The deck

We recently had to replace our steps up to the cabin as they were starting to rot.

As well, we replaced a few of the boards on the deck and I just finished staining the deck (annual event) with a solid stain. The deck was built 20 years ago, just before we bought. Every year I have been staining the deck with an oil based stain. We didn’t need to replace many boards until the last 3 years, they seemed to start going. So we switched to a solid stain and hopefully we can get a few more years out of the deck before we have to replace the whole deck. Instead of painting it by hand like I used to, I have started using a roller to stain it. It seems to work fine and looks good enough. Perfection is not the goal here!

Our Cabin in the Woods – Some blue accents:

You might have noticed the blue futon, blue kitchenware, some blue enamelware, blue placements, etc. I also have been adding to my blue theme lately and found these lovely blue cannisters at the local thrift store.

I have been adding even more blue vintage, see my latest post: Blue Vintage Cabin Decor.

Our Cabin in the Woods - Cottage Core - Cabin Aesthetic - Cabin Decor

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If you want to find out more about our cabin set up and living off the grid, then check out: Country Living Off The Grid.

I have also added a new post: So You Want to Buy a Cabin?

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🙂 Bonnie