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Latest Blue and White Blue Willow Display

Hi again! I am excited to show you my latest Blue and White Blue Willow display! I have been updating this page, so don’t forget to see all the updates below by date.

Latest Blue and White Blue Willow Display in Welsh Dresser - Blue Willow Dishes with Blue Willow China Markings

With August 23rd, 2021 updates (at end).

With October 3rd, 2021 updates (at very end).

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As some of you may recall, I recently purchased a Welsh Dresser to replace our round china cabinet. We are still in the midst of renovations and unpacking (downstairs is last), but I finally found time to create a Blue and White Display in our new Welsh Dresser 🙂

Latest purchases:

I also had found a few more items for the display since last time:

2 Johnson Brothers Flow Blue plates:

Shelf with Blue and White, Blue Willow and Flow Blue plus Ironstone in my Blue  Willow China Display
Shelf with Blue Willow Teacups and White Ironstone
Flow Blue Plate for Blue and White Display - Clarissa Marking - example Blue Willow China Marks - Blue Willow China Markings

A very large Blue Willow China Platter (Staffordshire). The Staffordshire platter I bought is huge! It’s 18 X 14.5 inches and doesn’t even fit on the lowest shelf of the Welsh Dresser, so I had to put it on the bottom rack underneath. Eventually I might hang it up on the wall. The platter was an heirloom item from a Victoria lady who was downsizing and it had been in her family for years. She estimates it is from the late 1800’s.

Large Blue Willow Platter

The Platter has the following Blue Willow China Markings:

Blue Willow Platter Marking - Staffordshire - Blue Willow China Marks - Blue Willow China Markings

Another Blue Willow creamer (on the right):

Here’s another example of Blue Willow China Markings:

Old Willow Blue Willow Pattern - Blue Willow China Markings

A newer vintage Japanese Blue Willow Teapot on the top shelf:

Woods and Sons Wedgewood items, a sugar bowl and creamer, and a smaller jug:

Wedgewood and Sons Blue China for display
Woods and Sons Blue China Display
Wedgewood Blue China Pattern

and some Blue and White plates:

Old Dominion Blue and White Plates by Johnson Bros.

Chinese Blue Willow

In a past display I showed a Chinese Blue Willow bowl and plate, but didn’t show the marks…Here it is:

Mandarin Blue Willow Soup Bowl and Plate, and egg cup.

And another example of Blue Willow China Markings:

R.H.&S.L. Plant Mandarin Blue Willow - Blue Willow China Marks - Blue Willow China Markings

I have been busy! I am always watching out for people selling their items on the marketplace. I usually wait for a deal as prices usually come down a bit after awhile. There were also a couple of estate sales I attended, which is usually advertised as having items of interest. It seems there are alot more estate sales these days.

The display…

Anyway, here is the new display. Of course I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and I would love to hear any comments, thoughts or tips. I am still learning about Blue Willow china, but my collection is growing! I will likely start selling off some ‘extra’ pieces that I don’t need or duplicates. So watch for those in the future, or send me an email or comment if there is something you are looking for 🙂

Details on the Blue and White Display - Blue Willow China Display
Closeup of the Blue and White Display - Blue Willow China
Blue Willow China Display
Blue Willow China
Final view of the Blue Willow Blue and White China Display - Blue Willow China

Want to learn more about Blue Willow China? Here is a book that will give you a good overview about the Blue Willow pattern.

August 23rd, 2021 Update:

Well I had a chance to do some more thrifting and searching on the local marketplace. I did find a couple more items featured in the photo below. Maybe you can spot them?

Blue Willow China

October 3, 2021 updates:

Our renovations have keep me a bit distracted. However, I did order a lovely Churchill Blue Willow Teapot of Amazon with a gift card that someone gave me. Here is the link to Amazon if you are interested in purchasing:

Here it is in my display:

Blue and White Blue Willow Display -Blue Willow China by Churchill

I have also been busy with a couple other displays, so my Welsh Dresser is a bit full. Sorry it’s a bit busy with a couple of other patterns in there. It’s funny, even though I have mixed in a couple more china sets, it still looks completely natural, as if this is what any English lady would do! I guess my Welsh husband is rubbing off on me after 27 years of marriage!

Here is the latest look:

Latest view of the Blue and White Blue Willow Display after more additions

I hope you enjoy my displays.

May 22, 2022 – Latest update

I have recently started collecting more Flow Blue Porcelain. Here is the link on my latest update for Flow Blue Transferware 🙂

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🙂 Bonnie