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Thrifting Vintage White Ironstone

I am completely hooked on ironstone and thrifting vintage white ironstone is very satisfying for any collector! There are so many brands and patterns of vintage white ironstone, and as they age these pieces just get better and more valuable. They are in high demand by many hobbyists, decorators and vintage or antique collectors.

Thrifting Vintage White Ironstone
Vintage White Ironstone Antique Haul
Thrifting Ironstone

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This thrift haul includes:

– a T. G. Green Pudding Bowl

– a Heritage pattern Johnson & Brothers Tea Set with Teapot, Cream and Sugar and cups

– a large antique white ironstone Myott. Son & Co platter

– Alfred Meakin scalloped white vintage oval plates and bowls

– Hanley casserole dish in Wheat pattern

– 2 smaller J & G Meagh bowls (this might be Meakin!)

Next Plans for my Ironstone Displays:

You may have seen my previous vintage white ironstone displays, such as this one: Latest White Vintage Ironstone Display.

Vintage White Ironstone Display
Thrifting Ironstone
Thrifted Vintage Decor

Now that I have a few more items, I will be putting together a new display soon! So stay tuned 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this blog and video on thrifting vintage white ironstone! Don’t forget to view my other thrift haul videos and posts, such as this one: Thrifting Vintage Doilies and Ironstone. Thank you!

🙂 Bonnie