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Simple White Farmhouse Decor

There is something so mystical and romantic, yet practical about simple white farmhouse decor! Whether it’s white porcelain and ironstone, white wicker, a simple farmhouse pitcher, or that lovely white porcelain with transferware. Here’s a few examples of simple white farmhouse decor you are sure to love.

white farmhouse decor in this Simple White Farmhouse Decor such as this white soup tureen and creamer, vintage victorian platter - Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

It calms me with its soft colors and textures, and I can imagine myself back in a simpler time, when there was a fresh breeze blowing in the window, the white curtains slightly flapping in the breeze.

Simple White Lace Curtain in Simple White Farmhouse Decor and white farmhouse decor

When we moved to our grandparents farm in the 70’s, my parents must have yearned for the life they grew up with. The comforts of home, even as simple as it was. White farmhouse decor encapsulates the feeling of simplicity and the importance of function at its best.

Simple White Farmhouse Decor always includes a white ironstone pitcher and white wicker

For example this white pitcher and basin, so beautiful and elegant, yet so useful! We had no running water when we moved to that farm. We pumped water from our well, and had a pail with a dipper to drink from, sharing with all our family members and anyone who dropped in. The lacey linen underneath the pitcher and basin is so gorgeous. And I am really enjoying the white wicker stand.

Simple White Farmhouse Decor such as White enamelware

Our mother would keep a washbasin in the sink like this white enamelware one above. We would heat water if we needed to wash our hair, or other parts, but mostly used cold water for a quick handwashing. Our Friday or Saturday evenings were spent in the sauna, heating the sauna and then taking turns, the women first, then the men, enjoying the Finnish tradition we grew up with. We had more of these white enamelware basins in the sauna 🙂

Simple White Farmhouse Decor, a Pitcher and Washbasin, with White Wicker

Wicker was a bit more unusual, but when you found something in wicker it was treasured. I found a wicker shelf and gave it to my grandparents many years ago. My grandmother proudly added it to her bathroom decor where it stayed.

By the way, I rescued and repurposed the rose stained glass windows in the background (above) from our recent door renovation (below).

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - repurposes the glass for the background

Anyway, I have always liked white wicker since, and it still reminds me of my grandparents. I found this vintage white wicker chair a few years back and spray painted it white to freshen it up.

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - White Wicker chair, white and muted tones throw, white washbasin and pitcher

White on White

White on White is just so classic. You may have seen my earlier post displaying vintage and white ironstone in my white farmhouse hutch.

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - White on White Porcelain Display - Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

I also tweaked it some more to make it even whiter below in my Antique and Vintage White Ironstone display:

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - White Ironstone - Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone
Simple White Farmhouse Decor - White Ironstone in White Farmhouse Hutch - Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

White goes with everything

Yes it does. You can pair it with anything made of wood, picture frames, crates, cutting boards, wooden rolling pins, butter molds, etc.

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - White Crochet - Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

Below, I combined it with my green farmhouse vintage and farm wooden items for St. Patrick’s Day.

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - White with Green - Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

Here is a close up of the top right corner…

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - Closeup white with green - Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

Below, I changed it up and did a blue shelf and a white shelf. with a mixed shelf at the bottom. See: Vintage Farmhouse Hutch Display. The white Portmeirion Hen Dish is so classic along with the fancy soup tureen and cake stand.

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - White and Blue and Green Shelves

I just love battenburg lace! Here is another white vignette with my mother’s Val D’Or teaset and another white pitcher and lace.

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - Battenburg Lace

Here I include a white vase (French), white Hydrangeas and another white porcelain pitcher. Of course, a Finnish Toikka Iittala bird is a must for a Finnish Farmhouse white display.

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - White Pitcher, Vase, White Flowers and White Finnish Toikka Bird

Who knew that the silver plate would go well with white but it does!

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - White Pitcher, with Silver - Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

I was out thrifting last week on my way to pick up some landscaping supplies. Look what I found! This lovely Hanley platter in white semi-porcelain with blue faded flowers. So gorgeous. It is likely from the 1920’s. I only paid $1 for it! OMG.

Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

Another recent purchase was this lovely “Surrey” Patterned Vintage Platter by F. Winkle & Co of Stoke, England.

Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone - White and Brown transferware
Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

And then there is my White Ironstone and Porcelain display in my New Welsh Dresser. If you like white vintage porcelain, you might want to take a look at that one.

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - White Vintage Ironstone in Welsh Dresser - Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

More White with Blue

Or my latest Blue and White Display. The white ironstone looks so good with Blue Willow.

Blue and White display using simple white farmhouse decor

Here is one more blue with white display. The smaller round plate is called Ophelia, but I haven’t been able to trace its origin yet. It is so elegant with the larger white platter and other light blue accents.

Simple White Farmhouse Decor - final picture with two white plates with blue trim - Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

November 16, 2022 – Another Blue and White Grindley Antique Platter! I was out thrifting on the weekend and found this smaller Grindley Platter at an Estate Garage Sale for $1. OMG. Just gorgeous colors and “Rustic” pattern branded on the back. The small country style pitcher says Bavarian on the back. Again, two more examples of simple white farmhouse decor.

Vintage White Porcelain Ironstone

There is definitely something about white farmhouse decor. It’s simplicity and elegance is uncompromised. I hope you enjoyed these examples of simple white farmhouse decor! Don’t forget to leave me a comment if you like.

🙂 Bonnie