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Vintage Displays on YouTube Channel!

Hey everyone! A quick update as it has now been a couple years that I have been posting and creating content on my Everything Country CA website!!! OMG time flies! I have really enjoyed all of the comraderie on all my social media outlets, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and now, announcing YouTube!!! Previously I had only posted my country music playlists on YouTube, but now you can see all my vintage displays on YouTube !!!

You can search Everything Country CA on YouTube or click the link below to get to my Channel:

Future Plans – Stay the Course!

I plan to keep doing what I am doing, will keep maintaining my country music calendar, my country music charts and road trip pages, as well, as keep adding posts for new and updated antique and vintage displays.

I have already starting adding links to my YouTube videos of my vintage displays, if you haven’t already noticed. So you can find the details about the display on my website here, in my website posts, and then you can find the video showing the display in more detail on my YouTube channel.

I hope you really enjoy these. I have been catching up and posting videos of past displays over the last couple months and really enjoying learning all about editing videos, adding sound, creating shorts, etc. There is a lot to learn and again, I am just getting started.

YouTube Content:

I hope you come over to my YouTube Channel here and see all my vintage vignettes, shorts, full displays, vintage hauls, hutch makeovers and more. Come and be part of my YouTube community and subscribe to my channel to get all the latest updates!

Don’t forget I also have my Country Music playlists with all my favourites whether it’s old favourites, latest new artist or Canadian country music! I still try to highlight Country Music Artists from around the world!

Leave me a comment below with any questions or feedback. Hope you like my vintage displays on YouTube. Thank you for all your support!!

🙂 Bonnie