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Our Front Door Renovation

Since we are in the process of selling our home, one aspect of our renovation was our front door. We had completed all of our other renovations, but something was still off. We knew we had to complete our front door renovation to give it that special first impression.

After the transformation, here is what it looks like now.

Our Front Door Renovation - all staged for sale, blue front door paint after painting front door and doing door renovation

Here is the before picture of our front door below. Pretty Nasty! It was looking pretty drab and worn out. Not a great first impression.

Before picture of the lockset and door color before renovation

So I started looking online to see what we could do with the front door and how could we ‘style’ it to look more welcoming. I also wanted it to look a bit more classy and upscale, but still have that comfy feel.

Our paint selection

After a bit of searching for different looks, we decided to go with the following:

Color: Behr Marquee Dark Navy S530-7 Exterior Semi Gloss

Our paint for our front door renovation, blue front door paint for painting front door

We chose a navy blue paint for the front door. It was Behr Marquee paint in an exterior semi gloss as shown above. It looks alot brighter and lighter in the sunlight, as you can see from the picture above.

We painted the inside of the door an interior white, semi gloss to match our interior trim paint.

Door Hardware: BRASS

We updated the door hardware with a brass gold colored set of locks and handle. The one we chose is a Weiser lockset and grade 2 level security. I really didn’t know there was much difference until I started looking into it. Grade 3 is the lowest but is still quite common supposedly for residential areas. I went with level 2 for added security, as it is pick and bump resistant. Here are some similar choices from Amazon:

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For the front door mat, I bought a jute rug at a local shop, similar the first one listed below. To get the same style, they don’t need to be exact, it is the overall look that matters. The 2nd rug shown below has more color options and has striped vs. checked patterns.

I like the jute rug, but as our front porch is under cover, only in a torrential downpour do I bring the mat inside.

Layered over our jute rug (4 x 6) is a smaller welcome mat.

Now for the flower planters. The side planters are key to making it look inviting. The planter stands I bought are similar to those found here at amazon.

I replanted some of my planters so they would fit nicely in the stand 🙂

How to Paint the Door

To paint the door, my husband lined the glass with green tape. However, it still needed edging with a knife when it was done. There was a lot of finnicky knife work to get the edge to be as smooth as possible and make sure the glass was clear of paint.

I painted one coat, which took about a day, and then added a second coat on a couple areas for touch ups. After it dried, the following day, it took about 3 hours to do the knife work to clean up the edges properly. I did all the edging myself. Basically you remove all the green tape and wherever it doesn’t come off clear on the glass, you cut it out with a knife along the edge of the wood. Scrape off what you can’t remove with the knife. Take your time.

We were pretty happy with the results of our door renovation! I hope you like it. Here are Peaches and Monty who seem to be happy with it!

Our lovely doggies in front of the front door - front door renovation - door renovation
Our front door renovation - Painting front door for our porch renovation

Please leave a comment below if you like the end result.

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Thanks for stopping in! I hope you enjoyed this post on our front door renovation!

🙂 Bonnie