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New Patio Doors!

Well as of last week, all of our new patio doors were installed and our painters were done! Whoo – hoo! It’s only been just over 6 months and we have accomplished a lot transforming this house into a lovely home.

New Patio Doors with Muntin Bars from the inside installed

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How we selected our patio doors

We decided to order 4 new Patio doors with muntin bars. These would match the windows and give the home a Craftsman style. We originally only wanted French doors in a couple of locations. But after much consideration, we decided the French doors, although they look lovely, would not be practical. That is because if we wanted to leave the doors slightly open, there would be no ability to lock them.

The Patio doors that we selected are from Centra Windows. They were slightly cheaper than our window manufacturer, which was Van Isle Windows. The patio door installers were also able to put in an extra lock hole a few inches from the closed position.

We can leave the door locked, but still slightly open a bit wider than the other vendor would allow. It will also allow us to put an air conditioner vent in the patio door, even while it is in the locked position. We plan to use a brace as well when they are in that position for extra security. It also has the double top and bottom hook on the lock, so the door cannot be lifted out of the frame.

Now with the windows, new patio doors and paint, it looks amazing and like a completely different house. (Please ignore the Halloween remnants).

Front of the House and Side Patio

Front view of the house to give overall look

The Patio Doors were all ordered with 1″ muntin bars, top to bottom. This will match the windows and give it that Craftsman style.

Patio Door on the right is at the front of the Master Bedroom which has a small deck. I love, love the patio door now….and we can actually open it! The old one was pretty rusted out.

Patio Doors with Muntin Bars at side of home

Back of the House

The patio door below is at that back of the Master Bedroom. It still looks like a French door!

New Patio Doors with Muntin Bars at the back of house

The back of the house has two patio doors to the patio area. I love this look. As I said earlier, initially we were thinking about two of the doors being French doors. But it just didn’t make sense with two dogs and a cat. We like being able to partially open the patio doors with a screen.

As well, we can install our air conditioner in the summer. Then we will still be able to lock the patio door at the bottom with it partially open.

Patio Door with Muntin Bars at the back of home showing both patio doors
Patio door at the back

Dining Room

Below is the patio Door to the Dining Room from the outside. You can really see the beautiful color of the paint in this picture. Love, love, love it! You can also see that the contractors did a great job of removing the just painted trim. They were able to re-install it after the patio doors were installed.

On removal of the four old patio doors, the stucco only got slightly pulled away in a couple spots. This was easily patched and repaired.

Patio doors with Muntin Bars off the other Dining deck.

Dining Room Patio Door to the Deck.

Inside the patio door of the dining room

All of the patio doors were sealed from the inside and out with caulking. A small trim was added on the inside of the window frame.

New Patio Doors with Muntin Bars - Inside the patio door of the master

Next steps:

Again, we have a few more tweaks we are working on. We have that garage door top section which is supposed to arrive sometime this month.

As well, we had ordered new glass with muntin bars for the front door side windows.

We also need to finish the front steps. They will need a good sanding to get rid of loose paint. Then we will repaint with an anti-slip paint.

We are pretty happy with everything so far. Luckily we were able to get most of the work done before winter. It is starting to get colder.

Hope you enjoyed this post on our New Patio Doors! My next post provides updates on our renovation and our overall renovation budget, see House Renovation and Budget. Stay tuned!

🙂 Bonnie