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Our Windows with Muntin Bars are In!

Okay, I really mean the windows are in. But all I could think about for months was getting those muntins! Finally, our windows with muntin bars are in! If you don’t know what muntin bars are, they are the little pieces of wood or plastic that run horizontally and vertically across the window pane to give them character. And boy do they ever. These window muntins give the house and each room a farmhouse/country character that I have been wanting for years. This is the first house where we will have window muntin bars on almost every window (and door).

Muntin Bars aka Window Muntins - Windows with Muntin Bars in our front room window with new window muntin bars

Update: December, 2022:

Now that the exterior renovations and painting are complete, here is an updated photo with the Window Muntin Bars and Grey and White Paint 🙂

Window Muntins - Muntin Bars in our front room window with new window muntin bars

Original Post – Our Windows with Muntin Bars are in

Muntin bars are different from mullions. Mullions are the pieces of wood that separate the glass themselves, often found on French Doors and older style windows. They provide structure for the glass pieces. In the end you have many pieces of glass held together by wood.

If you saw my previous post, you would know that we are renovating our 80’s home which we recently bought as our retirement downsized home. The windows add another level of style to the home and make the house feel like a new build. They also give the house a Craftsman look that plain windows would just not have.

We made sure we ordered window muntins that were wide enough to be seen easily. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and money to add them.

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Specifics for Windows and Muntin Bars:

Here are the details for our windows with muntin bars. We chose an energy efficient window with Argon from Van Isle Windows.

Specifically: Dbl Pane Car 270 LowE Clear Glass w/ Argon

The casing is a plastic, but the technology has been around along time. We chose casement style windows for most of them. The Muntin bars are 1 inch interior and 1.5 inch on the bottom bar, and take up 1/3 of the window.

The company has a very good reputation, been in busy over 30 years and has a very good warranty.

Here are the new windows with the Window Muntins!

Window Muntins - Muntin Bars in our front room window with new window muntin bars - Windows with Muntin Bars arrived

Front window – Front room Muntin Bars:

Window Muntin Bars from outside
aka Window Muntins - Muntin Bars for Windows
Muntin Bars for windows aka Window Muntins


Muntin Bars from outside - Window Muntins
Window Muntins - Muntin Bars from inside

Kitchen and Dining Area:

Muntin Bars - Casement Style window muntin bars aka window muntins
Muntin bars aka Window Muntin Bars in our dining room window adding window muntin bars - window muntins - windows with muntin bars

Rec Room downstairs:

Rec Room Window with Window Muntin Bars aka window muntins - windows with muntin bars
Window Muntins - Muntin Bars

Bathroom Ensuite:

Bathroom Window with Muntin Bars aka Window Muntins and Privacy Glass


We still have more to do! Our painter delayed (again) and now has planned to arrive October 1st, so I will post the big reveal photo of the house after the exterior painting is complete.

We also are getting our garage door (top section) replaced, all 4 patio doors, as well as the front side windows on our front door. These should all be complete by end of November.

Check back again and feel free to leave comments below.

See you in a couple weeks, hopefully.

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I hope you liked this post on the installation of our Windows with Muntin Bars.

🙂 Bonnie

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