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White and Ironstone!

I have been working away on my White and Ironstone Porcelain collection. You may have seen the previous version as my first display in My New Welsh Dresser! Here’s a quick view of my latest white and ironstone display in my new farmhouse hutch:

White and Ironstone Display in my Farmhouse hutch

YouTube video of this display:

So lovely and addicting! Now that I have found the perfect little white hutch (below), I have been looking forward to showing you a new White Ironstone Display with it. It has a few chippy scratches, which I think just add more character to it. I also love the glass drawer knobs. They definitely give it that vintage charm and it will make the perfect country hutch display 🙂

White and Ironstone Display

A few different views

I have been able to add a few more white porcelain china pieces to my display since last time. Maybe you can spot the new ones?

White and Ironstone Display - White Ironstone Display in my White Farmhouse Hutch with white and ironstone porcelain

White and Ironstone - White Ironstone Display in my White Farmhouse Hutch with white and ironstone porcelain -  How to display your white ironstone - display tips for ironstone
White and Ironstone Display with Vintage White Ironstone
White Ironstone Display in my White Farmhouse Hutch with white and ironstone porcelain - How to display your white ironstone - display tips for ironstone

Okay, okay

Okay, I will tell you what some of the new pieces are. The vintage white scale was a recent purchase from my favorite vintage pop-up shop on Vancouver Island. She also had a milk glass pedestal candy dish, so I bought it to match my other one. At a thrift store in Victoria, I found a shorter milk glass vase.

You might have seen my new turkey salt and pepper shakers in my Thanksgiving / Harvest Display here: It’s a Country Thanksgiving! They are shown here too.

I also bought a white teapot from a Vintage store in Sidney on Vancouver Island. My Grandmother’s plate is pictured on the far left side of the top shelf. I did find one more white pitcher on the local online marketplace.

On a previous visit to the pop up country vintage shop, I also found the wire hen egg basket (below). Yeah, I have been busy. But it’s been awhile, I swear.

The Full Monty!

Here is the full display. I just love the white on white, with a few farm items to give it that old farmhouse charm.

how to display your white ironstone and display tips for ironstone
White and Ironstone Display in Farmhouse Hutch


One of the benefits of having another hutch in the house is more storage for my linens and cookbooks. The drawer is jam packed with my doilies and potholders, plus table runners.


The bottom section is loaded with my cookbooks. When we downsized our house, I lost alot of cupboard space, so this is a great alternative.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest White and Ironstone collection. I would love to hear your comments below.

Display Tips for Ironstone

I don’t purpurt to be an expert, but I have picked up a few tricks on how to display your white ironstone. My top four display tips for ironstone include:

1) Variety – you need variety of new and old, high and low, form and shape, etc, etc. to give it that unique touch. Every person has their own special items in their personal collection, so don’t be scared to show off yours!

2) Classic Touches – Ironstone displays usually include Pitchers, Platters and Tureens and Cake Stands and Vintage Scales.

3) Multiples – You can never have enough, so including multiples gives it that feeling of a collection and also creates lines and symmetry that are beautiful.

4) Balance – Is important to make the eye flow from left to right, top to bottom and back. It just feels right. So balance large items on each side or small items on each side. Higher items at the back of course and use different ways to create height that complement each other.

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Til next time 🙂

antique and vintage white ironstone

2022-03-04 Update: I decided to create another Antique and Vintage White Ironstone display partially seen above, in my farmhouse hutch. This time I wanted to make it simply white! I was worried I didn’t have enough white porcelain though, but I think it turned out okay. Check it out if you want to see more white and ironstone.